Frome Gateway

Exciting development on the way where the Frome Valley meets Junction 3 of the M32 to Cabot Circus.

This vision came about by a member of our team walking to town to keep fit on weekends and reporting issues to Bristol Council and seeing ways to improve the Frome Valley experience. The idea was soon spotted by a great Bristol developer and he was grateful for us sharing this vision and through his own team they will create the biggest development along the Frome Valley since Cabot Circus and they’ll even keep to the name we used as Frome Gateway. Thank you Gavin Cubex and team. We look forward to seeing this become reality by 2030.

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Coffee Houses

Stop for a coffee along the Frome Valley.

After leaving Cabot Circus you will find a number of cafés along Stapleton Road in Easton and across the M32 in St Werburghs. St Marks Road is very popular with Thali Café.

Ikea, Tesco and ASDA Living are found in Eastgate Retail park and Subway opposite Eastville Park at the Shell Garage.

During the 2010s we looked at ways to improve the Frome Valley experience, the route from Half Penny Bridge in Snuff Mills and Oldbury Court Estate leading to Fishponds shopping centre was terribly damaged and needed completely renewing and not just for visitors of the Frome Valley for Leisure but as a very important education route for various schools and the UWE.
It took ten years to have this new path in place but we also managed to get Coffee #1 to Open in Fishponds nearby so from Half Penny Bridge a nice ten minutes walk up the hill delivers people to Portó Lounge, Grounded Café, Coffee Number 1, Morrisons Café, Concorde Café and a number of pubs and restaurants.

Walk to Stoke Gifford instead through Stoke Park Estate and enjoy coffee at Boston Tea Party in Cheswick Village Square or in the heart of Stapleton Village the Masons Arms and Park One Coffee and Kitchen.

In the Frenchay area you have Starbucks in Bristol Golf Centre and The White Lion on Frenchay Common and further along the Frome Valley you have The White Horse in Hambrook.

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