Once one of the most important docks of the largest empire the world has ever known, today a place of leisure and opportunities. Bristol is very fortunate to have the Harbourside where the River Frome meets the River Avon.

Bristol Harbourside is like having the sea in the heart of Bristol, you can feel down, catch a bus, cycle or walk here and within half an hour you feel good again. The harbourside path is free and there’s loads of free seating to be found but if you are looking for caf├ęs, bars and restaurants and markets then between Corn Street and SS Great Britain and on a Sunday to venture out south to Tobacco Factory in North Street or up Park Street to Clifton everyday then Bristol Harbourside is the best place for 100 miles in any direction. A trip to Brandon Hill and up Cabot Tower is a free bucket list adventure as well.


Bristol’s historic harbourside picture film: