A rare political post but in May Bristol can vote to end the role of elected Mayor of Bristol, now ten years after the role was first created following a very narrow vote to test bed if the role would work for a radical city like Bristol. It would be madness to keep this role which has lost the city tens of millions of pounds by casino gambling in Bristol Energy to name just one loss by this role and we’ve seen the city leader known as an elected mayor travelling all around the planet as a want-to-be celebrity opposed to serving the people of Bristol. Neighbourhoods have walls collapsing, fly tipping is horrendous, roads haven’t been resurfaced, the Arena was cancelled by one man over the voice of 50 elected councillors representing 350,000 people, food banks are busier every year, youth provision is suffering, neighbourhoods have lost their bus routes, parks play equipment is neglected, Neighbourhood Partnerships were scrapped and power centralised, swimming pools haven’t been rebuilt and others under threat of closure, toilet blocks are boarded up, fewer houses have been built than under the last committee system run by a council leader on a normal salary called Barbara Janke who got on with the job in hand instead of globe trotting and seeking fame, drains are glorified plant pots with weeds growing out of them as we head in to climate change with drains needed now more than ever before, subways used for sustainable transport are flooded and inaccessible after bad weather and sometimes for days and weeks, the Frome Valley paths are in a terrible state and haven’t been maintained for years.
It’s not about the person, it’s just the role doesn’t work for the people of Bristol, it works for a handful of power seeking business tycoons who are desperate to keep it. Keeping this role when we now have a West of England Mayor (Greater Bristol) which is what was always needed but didn’t exist in 2012 is to always see Bristol battling with neighbouring council areas instead of working together for the greater good of the city region. The
Mayor of London controls 27 councils but the mayor of Bristol is costing an absolute fortune to control just one council which Barbara Janke delivered with brilliance with just two part time admin assistants and elected councillors and not a PA earning £100,000 after a £30,000 pay rise. Vote for passion in May instead of of a want-to-be celebrity and hand picked individuals empowered to cancel everything great about our city. South Gloucestershire, Bath and North East Somerset, North Somerset and more all have committee systems and all delivering, Bristol has seen maximum council tax rises year on year and people getting less and less provisions. As this post is typed the elected mayor of Bristol is in Canada listening to the sound of his own voice while Bristol’s neighbourhoods are neglected!

Bristol’s Elected Mayor has been a test bed but it hasn’t worked.

Picture used here is a lady struggling with heavy shopping after both of her community bus routes were allowed to be scrapped by the elected mayor who people voted for to make areas better.

Think carefully about your mayoral vote, there will never be another.