Sadly most of this section of the River Frome itself is buried under the M32; what was a beautiful nature route in to central Bristol and loved by W.G Grace where he’d sit outside The Old Fox Inn in Easton and Kingfishers flew up and down the river which is sadly today the most ugly, grey and polluted highway but all in the name of progress. However this is still the Frome Valley and the neighborhoods along this section of the routes are some of the most cultural, diverse, caring and a force for change and good in the whole of the West of England. If you want food from Asia this is the wider area to explore, this is also the area where just like in London you’ll never look out of place, this is an area that creates fashion for tomorrow’s world.

Our journey for this section starts at the accessible route to the lake at Eastville Park and follows the M32 all the way in to town taking a left turn at Cabot Circus then to Old Market Street, then down to St Pauls area of Portland Square and follows the Concorde Way through St Werburghs, up to Ashley Down area of Bishopston, connects with Muller Road then onwards to Purdown and Stoke Park Estate. The image film lasts for six & half minutes and shows the routes but there’s 1000 hours of community here that is never captured, it’s all worth exploring.


Older picture films include Stapleton to St Pauls. Visit

Lockleaze, Gloucester Road in Bishopton to town. Visit:

Stapleton to Mshed Museum and Railway Path to Frenchay: