A brilliant and much needed new sustainable, residential led, community alongside the River Frome in St. Judes, Bristol. This was the vision of a community activist walking to town along The Tuckat Trail/ Frome Valley and having litter & flytipping cleared and & seeing eyesores in a new light for the future. The idea was shared on social media and the new owner quickly bought it all up for a new exaciting quarter of Bristol.

Visit http://www.bristolnpn.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/NPN-presentation-Frome-Gateway-PDF.pdf

Part of the initial stages of any master planning should involve a careful analysis of existing buildings and landscape. Local built heritage needs to be identified.

The river is the heart of it. Here are some of the context analysis work on approach views to this part of St. Judes that HTADesignLLP have been undertaking.

The future is brighter