Avon Scouts https://www.avonscouts.org.uk

Scouting has been active all along the Frome Valley since the birth of Scouting itself and today it’s the largest and greatest movement for young people in the world. The Frome Valley has is an amazing place for scouting and there are scout groups to join all along it from source to sea.

Bristol West area bristolcabotscouts.org.uk
Groups: bristolcabotscouts.org.uk/about

Bristol East area Brunel District Scouting along the Frome Valley brunelscouts.org.uk

13th Bristol (All Saints, Fishponds) Scout Group 13thbristolscouts.org.uk
32nd Bristol (1st Whitehall) Scout Group 32bristol.ukscouts.org.uk
17th Bristol (St Michaels, Two Mile Hill) Scout Group 17thbristolscouts.co.uk
55th Bristol (St Mary’s, Fishponds) Scout Group 55thscouts.com
58th Bristol (1st Eastville) Scout Group 58thbristol.scoutsites.org.uk
66th Bristol (St Johns, Fishponds) Scout Group 66thstjohnsfishponds.org.uk
69th Bristol (St Joseph’s, Fishponds) Scout Group 69thFishpondsStJosephes.org.uk
252th Bristol (1st Stapleton) Scout Group 252 Scouts

Hambrook to Old Sodbury is Cotswold Edge. Visit: cesd.org.uk