Covid and brexit has without any doubt led to the biggest inequality of our time and as furlough comes to an end the poorest people along the Frome are really feeling the results and having to decide priorities between heating and food. The Frome Valley is free thank goodness and depending on what budget you have can decide whether to take a picnic or look for an affordable lunch but a picnic for the next six months of winter isn’t an option so what are poor people supposed to do? We will work on this in the week ahead and try to list the opportunities to live as normal with a very small budget but unfortunately only a picnic from donations is completely free. Stay safe and well.

If you have a smart phone then consider downloading the Too Good To Go App which can help you have a free picnic using food that would otherwise go to waste.

Yate to Bristol Harbourside. We will start at Yate because Dodington and Old Sodbury isn’t really affordable and by the time you reach Yate that will be about right for some refreshments. Chipping Sodbury has a lot of choices as well but Yate is cheaper. Chipping Sodbury for a Teacake in Coffee One and you can have it with free water so a lunch from £2.20 and picnic options from Waitrose and free takeaway coffee if you sign up online for a Waitrose membership card (this offer may be ending soon though). Yate a mile further on has options including supermarkets, Parsons Bakery. Subway and Wetherspoons. Prices from £1.20 for a hot drink (bottomless in Wetherspoons) and £1.50 for a warm pasty and £3.50 for a complete meal deal. It’s worth looking at all the options for places above to find a meal that suits your budget. Explore where McDonalds vouchers are being advertised as well, you can sometimes get a 2 for 1 deal or a meal for £1.99 on the back of bus tickets or in free newspapers. It’s also worth looking at the offers available in Subway and make sure you sign up for a Subway membership card for the points and freebies.

A slightly healthier low budget in Yate helps you get a meal in The Lawns by Marstons but phone ahead for options and to save disappointment

Iron Acton Garden Centre

Coalpit Health – Badminton Arms Carvery & Sainsburys

Frampton Cotterell – Takeaway and

Bakery, Supermarkets, Royal Raj (large containers).

WinterStream Farm just several minutes walk from Winterbourne retail area is a real treat, £4.99 for a full carvery meal on a small plate and also when on a very tight budget free cold water at the self serve facility at the bar. See pictures below. The staff are welcoming, the venue is clean and impressive, the service is great and the prices can be amazing. Visit

Frenchay – White Lion (sign up online)

Fishponds (similar to Yate)

Stapleton – Grow Wilder

Easton – IKEA, Bristol Sweet Mart,

Central Bristol –

Helping people in crisis