Steve England, Conservation Educator, Horticulturist and Historian.

Wild Foods

Whatever the season, there are a huge number of wild delicacies right under our noses, whether in the local park, in the playground or in our nearby woodlands. They’re tasty, nutritious and don’t cost a penny… if you know what you are looking for.

Whether you are looking to learn the basics of food foraging, want to expand on your knowledge of wild mushrooms, or just fancy a good day out in the woods to try some tasty wild foods, then you may be interested in some of the many wild food events I offer.

Learn to live off the land?

My wild food walks take you out on an exciting, fun and informative foraging adventure to discover, identify, collect and cook up our tasty finds, getting the full experience of how it would be to live of the land. We learn key features to watch out for, and discuss the importance of conversation, and ways you can help wildfoods be sustainable for all. Depending upon the time of year and where we are located, my wild food events can include:

  • Flowers, seeds and leaves foraging
  • WIld seasonal salads
  • Riverside foraging
  • Mushroom walks
  • Wild herbs & medicinal plants
  • Wildfood cookery


Steve England